Visiting Wynwood Walls in Miami

Visiting Wynwood Walls in Miami

If you’re an art lover or avid traveler, Wynwood Walls in Miami is undoubtedly on your radar already. The collection of murals has become globally known, transforming the warehouse district in Miami into a colorful, pedestrian paradise. The beautiful year-round temperatures of Miami make this “museum of the streets” the perfect place to view art, while still enjoying the warm climate of Miami that you likely traveled to Florida for. Whether you consider yourself an art connoisseur or not, Wynwood Walls in Miami is a must-visit during your stay at the Julia Hotel. Wynwood is a great place to snap an Instagram pic or two, either way. 

What to Expect at Wynwood Walls in Miami 

Besides the dozens of murals that the name suggests, don’t forget about the doors and the garden in Wynwood to complete your full Wynwood experience. Get your cameras ready, and try to pick a favorite as you browse through the towering murals.  When you’re done, rest your legs and fill your growling stomach one of two Wynwood Walls restaurants: Wynwood Kitchen & Bar or Joey’s, two hotspots affiliated with the art attraction. Go and see why thousands of people visit annually, and why Wynwood Walls events like HalloWyn are held in the breathtaking space every year. 

Wynwood Walls

Among the 40 murals that make up Wynwood Walls in Miami, artists hail from about 16 different countries since its inception in 2009. Inspirations literally come from all around the world, reflecting in their paintings of people, animals, and abstract concepts. But the one thing that they all have in common? Color. Looking collectively at all of the murals, you’ll see that not a single one lacks in hues. To read more about the current artists of Wynwood Walls in Miami, check out the website for their backgrounds, the inspirations of the murals, and how they created the artworks. 

Wynwood Doors and Garden 

Part two of Wynwood Walls in Miami was the expansion in 2010 that became Wynwood Doors and Garden. Over 176 feet of roll-up storefront gates became canvases for smaller scale murals than the walls. In the garden, innovative sculptures like sea creatures weaving in and out of the ground create a space where you’ll always be discovering something new. 

Art Deco Hotels in Miami 

When you’re doing going through the murals, doors, and garden that makes up Wynwood Walls in Miami, check out their gift shop to commemorate your trip to the “museum of the streets,” where you can buy apparel, take-home artwork, books, games, keychains, puzzles, and postcards. Stop at one of the Miami restaurants near Wynwood Walls or South Beach, or the Wynwood Walls restaurants on-site before returning to The Julia Hotel to recuperate and prepare for your next activity, just a 20-minute drive from the attraction. Visit us on our website to learn about other things to do in Miami, or give us a call at 888-336-9841.

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