View Miami through an Artful Lense

View Miami through an Artful Lense

Grab the Camera

From gorgeous beaches to a vibrant town, and an art deco vibe, Miami is the place to capture the perfect image. Whether you are wanting lifestyle pictures on the beach or are capturing the sandy landscape, Miami is the place to be. At The Julia, you will be blocks away from the beach and will be staying in a famous art deco building. The Julia design will take your breath away but so will the location.

Figure out what you want to focus on, is the first step in taking stellar photos. Are you interested in landscape or portraits? If you like to capture landscape pictures, you’ll want to bring a digital SLR with a few lenses. If you like portrait style photos, we recommend a camera with an action setting. Another fantastic camera you can consider bringing along your trip is a waterproof camera. This way you can catch the moments in the ocean or maybe while participating in watersports.

What To Capture

The first spot we recommend capturing is South Beach, Miami. As seen on the big screens, the beach is the ideal place, and you will not be disappointed! Take close-ups of the sand or maybe get some action shots of people playing sand volleyball. Wait a little longer, and you will get a gorgeous shot of the sunset setting behind the ocean.  

If you are looking for foliage and nature, you’ll want to head to The Miami Beach Botanical Garden. The 2.6-acre urban green space features a Japanese garden, native garden and bioswale, and water gardens. You can get up close and capture a fantastic shot of these tropical and unique looking plants.

Miami is full of incredible history, from the Art Deco style to its Holocaust memorial. Go to The Holocaust Memorial for a touching shot of history. The monument features art installations from walkways, statues, and water features. It is a great spot to learn about the past and to capture a beautiful moment.

After a day of exploring South Beach look over your photos at The Julia Hotel. Find inspiration in the art-filled lobby as you edit your photos. A helpful tip is to caption your photos with where you were, what you were doing, and with whom. This little snippet of where you were in time, can be useful when you are adding them to a blog or looking back on your trip in years to come. At The Julia, we have a creative and beautiful space for you to capture your art, and we cannot wait to see what you discover!


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