A Day At Biscayne Bay

A Day At Biscayne Bay

Miami is a thriving corner of Florida that offers incredible adventures for all types of travelers. Whether you are looking for the best hubs to dance the night away or wish to take a walk on the wild side and explore the Everglades, you can do it all when you stay with us at The Julia Hotel. One of the best ways to spend a day and the most unique things to do in Miami while you are here is exploring Biscayne Bay.

A Nature Lover’s Must-See

unique things to do in miamiIf you love discovering the natural beauty of different areas of the world and experiencing Mother Nature’s most interesting creations and finding unique things to do in Miami, Biscayne Bay is the place to be. Biscayne Bay is not like other typical Miami vacation spots because it is a bay where salt water meets fresh water, creating the perfect ecosystem for a wide breadth of sea life. From manatees lulling through the area and munching seagrasses to sea turtles gliding through the waves, you will have the chance to see all sorts of exciting sea life. There are areas that you can take a kayak out to glide quietly over the bobbing waves and watch as various underwater residents enjoy their days or come face to face with fascinating ocean life on a guided snorkeling tour with the Biscayne Bay National Institute guided tours.

Enjoy The Beauty Of Nature

When you set out on an adventure to Biscayne Bay, it is easy to spend a full day exploring. With vast seagrass meadows and hard bottom areas, you can see what kind of areas most of sea life begins and how it all comes together to create the complex ocean that we all love. Take it easy with a boat tour or paddle through the mangroves or snorkel for an even more exciting experience. When you stay with us at The Julia Hotel, Biscayne Bay is the perfect place to uncover the secrets of the ocean’s early stages of life and enjoy a bit of fun in the sun. Enjoy one of the most beautiful areas and an array of unique things to do in Miami for an adventure that you can’t find anywhere else.

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