Opening Day Is Almost Here!

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Opening Day Is Almost Here!

Inside Scoop

The Julia Hotel is in full swing getting ready for the grand opening! The Hotel features gorgeous artwork focused on the piece of history Miami was founded on. The property steps back in time to grand old Miami and feels as if you are entering into the private property of the proclaimed Miami founder. A shell-encrusted bust of Julia Tuttle herself adorns the reception desk, and a series of mysterious paint dipped Tuttle family portraits is featured along the staircase.

When preparing to stay at The Julia Hotel, it is important to know the history behind it, especially leading up to the grand opening. Promotions and events will be based on the history of Miami and the land that our beautiful Hotel sits on. So here is your introduction to the history of Miami and The Julia Hotel. Learn about the Miami history and look out for The Juliaspecial promotions to receive a special grand opening and introductory rate.

Julia Tuttle

The Mother of Miami. Tuttle was an American businesswoman who is widely responsible for the land that Miami, Florida was built. After her husband and father had passed, she used the money that was left to her and started to buy land in Florida, specifically what is now Miami. Tuttle decided to take a leading role in the movement to start a new city on the Miami River, but without transportation to Miami, she knew it was necessary for a railroad. So, Tuttle reached out to Henry Flagler.

Henry Flagler

The Father of Miami. Flagler was known for his finding of standard oil and the Florida East Coast Railroad but is now more commonly connected to the start and growth of Miami. Julia Tuttle reached out to Henry to extend his railroad to Fort Dallas, also known as Miami and offered him a large piece of reality if he would do so. After some convincing by Julia and a freeze that hurt the orange population in northern Florida, Flagler decided to take Tuttle’s proposal. Not only was he responsible for the transportation to Miami, but hospitals, churches, and schools. Flagler built streets, instituted the first water and power systems, and financed the city’s first newspaper, The Metropolis.

Both of these historical figures have influenced The Julia Hotel. From keeping traditional and original aspects of the building to basing the artwork around the Hotel to incorporate the history. We want to make sure that The Julia represents what Tuttle has created as well as Flagler. The Julia is excited for you to experience the history and the creativity behind the Hotel on August 1st. Keep checking back to receive more information about the opening day as well as sign up to receive our emails and promotions!

We are excited to open our doors again! As of June 1, 2020, we are accepting new reservations and we have adapted our cleanliness protocol to offer you the safety you deserve.Learn More