Your Mini Guide to the Ultimate Miami Bucket List

Your Mini Guide to the Ultimate Miami Bucket List

From traveling to facing your fears, Miami is the place to start completing your bucket list. With its fantastic weather and vibrant city, Miami is a hot spot for sightseeing and water activities. Whether you are visiting to cross Miami off the list or you are coming to take part in all the activities, The Julia Hotel is here to help.

Eat Stone Crab

October 15th marks the official 2017 Stone Crab season opening and this time of the year, is when the most delicious and local seafood becomes available until May. Stone crab is native to this region and is considered a seafood delicacy. Most restaurants and bars will serve Stone Crab, so pick a place and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Miami and stay for the food.

Fly Above Miami

Soar above Miami, when you venture out on a boat, harness up, and drift into the sky by parasailing. You will stand on the back of the ship and as the speed picks up your parachute will catch the wind and bring you to new heights. You can even take a little dip in the water while you glide. You’ll be able to see the sea life and Miami, from a different view.

Enjoy The Miami Heat

Whether you root for your team or the home team, you’ll want to experience a Miami Heat game, which is one for the books. It is filled with a lively atmosphere and a great game. Grab some beers and stadium food and have a night out. The team plays at the American Airlines Arena right in downtown Miami, so you will not have to travel far.

Take A Dip

Depending on your certification you can go scuba diving and explore the sea life and everything below the water. If you do not have your certification, then try snorkeling! Another great way to get to know the ocean is to interact with the animals. Swimming with dolphins is a popular attraction and something you should have on your list!

Enjoy The Art

Made most famous by Miami Vice, the Art Deco style is distinguished by pastel buildings, porthole windows, terrazzo floors, and much more. Miami is full of unique architecture and characteristic. Take a walking tour or go on your own to see the art of Miami. The Julia Hotel is part of the fantastic art style. The building itself is a historic Art Deco Miami building, however,  inside you will find original artwork honoring the Mother of Miami, Julia Tuttle. The Hotel is in the heart of Miami, so you can get out and start checking off your list.

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