Miami International Airport Restaurants and Other Things to Do at MIA

Miami International Airport Restaurants and Other Things to Do at MIA

Although Miami International Airport is technically not one of the biggest airports in the country, it’s still large enough to fit 120 shops, 102 restaurants, and other things for passengers to do while making their way in and out of town. MIA is just as global as Miami itself, as it’s the third-busiest airport for international passengers in the United States. So, if you have time to kill while waiting for a flight, check out the wide variety of Miami International Airport restaurants, shops, and other things to do while on your way to or from The Julia Hotel. Maybe you’ll even arrive at the airport early to take advantage of all that MIA has to offer.  

Dine at Miami International Airport Restaurants 

Long flights make you hungry. That’s why you should make sure to fill up on some great Miami food before you take off for home. Just like Miami’s restaurant scene, Miami International Airport restaurants bring global flavors. Some of the local favorites include Ku-Va and Concrete Beach Brewery, and make sure you hit Cafe Versailles in the Miami Airport for pastelitos, Cuban coffee, and sandwiches. Besides Cuban food, you can also find anything from pasta to pizza and Coney Island hot dogs to chocolate. By visiting Miami again and again, you can choose what you think is the best food at Miami Airport. 

Appreciate Miami Art 

When you’re done eating at one of the Miami International Airport restaurants, walk off your food coma by exploring the Miami art on display. Some of the most popular installations include “All We Need is Love,” where the floral words will boost your mood before a flight. Find “Andan Volando” in Concourse D as well, which translates to “they’re flying.” You can decide what that means to you as you gaze up at the wax paper shapes. Finally, look for “Meltdown,” where the colorful patterns from the mural on the ceiling trickle down the sides of the walls. 

Browse Miami Airport Shops 

MIA also identifies as a mall, due to its plethora of stores to browse. Find stores like Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and other high-end chains to treat yourself on vacation before even leaving the airport. Pick up a high-quality travel bag at Tumi, and then make sure to visit local stores too: buy a cigar or two at Cuban Crafters, and browse locally made jewelry and accessories at stores like La Boutique.  

Other Things to Do 

If you finish visiting Miami International Airport restaurants, power walk around the airport to get some exercise before your flight. If you have too much baggage, or put it down and engage in a downward dog or Warrior II in the Yoga Room. Or, tend to your nails by getting a mani/pedi at the spa. 

Staying at an Art Deco Hotel in Miami | The Julia Hotel 

Even if you just have a layover in Miami, take time to check out the Miami International Airport restaurants, shops, and other things to do. When flying to Miami, the Julia Hotel in Miami Beach is your best option for fun and relaxation, especially since are an adults-only hotel. For more information about accommodations, visit us on our website or give us a call at 888-336-9841.

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