Explore the Russian and Turkish Baths in Miami

Explore the Russian and Turkish Baths in Miami

A day at the spa usually entails a facial, a massage, and maybe a quick soak in the hot tub to close. While these activities melt stressors away, Russian and Turkish baths take their services and amenities to another level. According to their website, they “encourage traditional, shared rituals of bathing for a day filled with detoxing, playing, steaming, eating, exercising, swimming, and having fun.” Just for starters, they replace a hot tub with an ocean water jacuzzi and a sauna with a shvitz. Throw your expectations away and experience something new while on vacation at the Julia Hotel by visiting the Russian and Turkish baths in Miami.  

Services at the Russian and Turkish Baths in Miami Russian and Turkish Baths Miami

Although massages at traditional American spas are often geared toward relaxation and relieving aches, services at the Russian and Turkish baths in Miami have more big-picture goals in mind. For example, the Platza service aims to stop pathogens from spreading in your body with the release of essential oils from an oak leaf branch. The Deep Sea Mud Exfoliation’s purpose is to relieve muscle aches and pains, purify, and detoxify your body while the mud mask sits on your body. Don’t forget about the Dead Sea Salt Rejuvenation that draw out extra oils in your skin. 

Rooms at the Baths 

There are more rooms in this Russian bath in Miami than you would expect at other spas in Miami, FL. If you want to sweat it out, visit the infrared sauna where heat evenly emits from all directions. Both the Turkish Room and the Aromatherapy Steam room employ steam, although the latter helps soothe headaches, sinus discomfort, and more. The Russian Radiant Room, or the shvitz, is the most popular. The rock-walled furnace heats overnight and cools off during the day, complete with plenty of benches for a group sweat. 

Get wet in the warm rain room while rain pours over you and relaxation is key. Or, massage tired muscles in the hydrotherapy room, where you can spray a friend with a high-pressure stream of water. In the Ocean Water Jacuzzi, a well from underneath this Turkish in Miami Beach fills it with saltwater.  

They encourage switching from warm rooms to cold rooms like the Polar Bear Sauna, sitting at 42 degrees Fahrenheit, to “promote detoxification, improve circulation, and strengthen the immune system.” Take a dip in the ice-cold water pool or help close your pores in the Swedish showers, where high-pressure cold water comes at you from every direction.  

Additional amenities and spaces include a fully-equipped gym, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a tennis court, access to the beach, and a cafe complete with Russian foods like borscht, rye bread with smoked salmon, cheese blintzes, and perogies. 

Rooms at the Russian and Turkish baths in Miami are meant to be a social experience, so don’t enter the premises expecting a necessarily quiet encounter with everyone there. 

Adults Only Hotels In Florida 

Typically, Russian and Turkish baths only allow 18+ to enter, which makes this activity a perfect one for guests of the Julia Hotel. Return from your day of fun and exploration at the Russian and Turkish baths in Miami, and complete your day of relaxation with a laid-back night, or get ready for a night on the town if you want to amp up your evening. For more information about things to do in Miami, visit our website, or give us a call at 888-336-9841. 

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